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Meet The World’s First Butcher Who Sells Vegetarian Meats


Generation Z is all set to go on a plant based diet, ready to eat meat sparingly and reducing animal dependency for food. And the first ever butcher shop that sells vegetarian meat is probably a peek into what the future might look like.

The Vegetarian Butcher

Business Insider talks about the World’s first vegetarian butcher who resides in Netherlands and sells fresh steaks, chicken, smoked bacon and mackerel chill on its counter. Except, it’s all vegetarian and the shop too is aptly named – The Vegetarian Butcher.

The shop came into function back in 2010 and ever since the popularity has risen and now sells vegetarian meats to more than 3000 stores across 16 countries, the publication reports. The co-founder, Niko Koffeman told Business Insider, “Our goal is to be the biggest butcher in the world. I think we can accomplish that in 20 years.”

Cooking Of The Vegetarian Meats

After the success of their vegetarian meats, Koffeman along with his co-founder, Jaap Kortewag founded a production plant last year in Breda. Here, the customers can learn how the meats are made and even take cooking classes.

Most of the meats at The Vegetrain Butcher are made out of organic soy, peas, leek, and lupine which is a type of flowering legume. The rest have eggs and whey in them. Seaweed is used to mimic the tuna flavour because tuna eats the fishes that eat seaweed, Koffeman told the publication. He also added that they are trying to make their products a 100% vegetarian.

The owners claim that the customers come to them because their meat substitutes taste like the real thing. “You can’t distinguish our meat from regular meat,” Koffeman said. “It actually might be better.”

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