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New Chocolate in the hood- Le Chocolatier’s Face-lift


Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate!

We’d like to believe that our choice of chocolate says a lot about us as individuals. Milk chocolate for the happy baby and dark for the serious businessman. And no chocolate for the, well, weird (Sorry, it’s like saying you hate Santa Claus and smiling faces).
A little birdie told us about Le chocolatier getting a new revamp. The chocolate sense in us got tingling and we decided to check it out. We walked in to the familiar place on Harrington road among the hustle and bustle of the launch. The shelves were stacked and they had it all. Handbags, purses, little chocolate bunnies to dolphins; everything was made out of fine chocolate. The place is very exciting and is definitely worth a visit. Children are bound to be ecstatic when they see the motorbikes and chocolate spoons. We ourselves let out a few childish squeals as we saw the life sized football among the many creations.

chocolatier chennai
The very friendly CEO of Oriental Cuisines, Mr. Narender Malhotra, took us on a brief journey through the project. He told us that a lot of work has gone into creating dark chocolate for the Indian palate. He gave us a bar of chocolate that had 70% cocoa and he was right! It tasted absolutely great. If you’re one of those kids who grew up watching Willy Wonka, this is going to be an exciting adventure for you.

chocolatier chennai

Find them at No: 9, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai.