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Ressy is here to Save the Day- with discounts.


Pocket’s looking a little dry. Salary seems an eternity away. Wouldn’t it just be easier if restaurants gave out discounts as and when you needed them? 

Pune-kars, Sagar Patil and Koustubh Rajepandhare, have heard your wallet’s prayers. They’ve come out with a quick app that hands out discounts to eateries around you. Ka-ching. 


Koustubh is from the F&B sector himself and noticed a certain issue during his 6 year stint- capacity planning. Most restaurants serve 60 to 70 per cent of their capacity every week, which amounts to a loss of almost 40  to 50 per cent per day. As most of a restaurant’s kitchen resources are purchased beforehand, even offering a 50 per cent discount on the food translates to a 25 per cent gain for them.

“What if we could help restaurant owners design their own last minute deals to  manage their capacities better, and display these awesome deals to customers?” says  Sagar. Ressy was born. 

Ressy’s merchant side helps restaurateurs decide which discounts they’d like to give out. And Ressy’s customer-facing app has two main features: it helps in the discovery of restaurants in specific areas and it displays deals that can give customers discounts between 15 to 60 per cent on nearby restaurants.

Ressy has gone the ‘extra mile’ and tied up with Uber to tele-port the customer to the restaurant if he wishes to. They’ve tied up with 40 restaurants in Pune so far. 

Ressy plans to bring on board 500 plus restaurant owners and grab 40,000 customers in Pune by September. They hope to expand into 11 cities in the 18 months too. Go Ressy!