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Sanjeev Kapoor To Soon Launch Food Food In Tamil


Shortly after pulling away Turmeric Vision, the owner and operator of food channel Food Food, from substantial losses after key investor Astro decided to exit the company and following a failed acquisition deal with Discovery Communications, chef Sanjeev Kapoor is now all set to take Food Food to greater heights.

Kapoor is now planning on expanding the Turmeric Vision portfolio on the “regional front” by launching a Tamil food channel and also a high definition (HD) version of Food Food.

“We will begin our regional foray with dubbing shows. However, I don’t want to rush into things. We are dabbling in the Tamil market first. We have already started dubbing our content in Tamil. We were always interested in entering the Tamil market. In fact, right from day one of Food Food launch we were very keen to launch two Food channels. Our JV partner wanted to launch four channels. However, I had said that two should be food channels. We had even finalised the Tamil channel’s name ‘Samayal Samayal’”, Kapoor said in an interview for Television Post.

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Exciting as that sounds, Tamil viewers will have to wait a few months before they can enjoy the popular food channel in their regional tongue.

“Before launching a full-fledged Tamil channel, we will start with a Tamil language feed. First, we will see the market with the audio feed and gauge the response. We have already spoken to DTH players because it is easier to get data from them and hopefully next year we will launch the Tamil channel”, the chef added.

Despite turmoil on the television front, Kapoor has managed to keep his boat afloat. And how. Not only did he pull his company out of the loss pit but even turned business around by churning out profits. The chef was also recently signed on as the brand ambassador for Cargill Food’s olive oil brand, Leonardo Olive Oil.

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