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It Seems Like Everything We Eat These Days Might Just Be Bad For Us


If you’ve been following the news and reading the details religiously, you will know that pretty much everything that you love is now dangerous to health. It seems like the ingredients that go into the best dishes in the world are going to kill us all.

Last year, they took Maggi off the shelves because of the high lead content. While that’s a good reason to take something off the shelf, why hadn’t anyone noticed it before? This year, everything from bread to hot coffee seems to be a troublemaker and the list of things we can eat or drink without double checking Google seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

These foods have been around for years and people have eaten them in various different shapes and sizes and forms, but it’s now that everything is setting our bodies off. Is it the ingredients that are leading us to death or have our bodies changed so much that we don’t know how to handle it?

The list just keeps on growing, because clearly every single day there’s something going wrong with the food in the world. Sure, the population is increasing and so is everything that goes with it. With the increase in population and the increase in demand for products, it might be a problem to be able to produce the same amount all the time. So there’s a chance that a lot of ingredients are being replaced with unhealthy substitutes just to make up for what’s missing.

Putting aside the obvious factors why junk food is unhealthy for us, there are so many other things that are considered unhealthy and when you’re done with this list, you’re going to feel like you’re missing out on so much in life.

What is considered unsafe these days?

Bread: A study found that there were cancer-causing chemicals found in bread in India. Whether all bread is dangerous or just a certain kind is still unknown, but if it’s in one kind of bread, what are the chances of it not being in the others?

Alcohol: A brand new analysis found that alcohol is the primary cause of seven different kinds of cancer. The more you drink, the higher the risk. So all the studies you’ve read about a glass of wine being good for you are now being debunked, because seven kinds of cancer is no joke.

Hot Drinks: This might just be the most bizarre thing we’ve read all year. In June of this year, it was reported that hot drinks above 65 degrees Celsius could cause people to develop cancer of their esophagus, the eighth most common form of cancer worldwide. So if you’re a fan of the hot stuff, take it down a notch.

Meats: A WHO report revealed that eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancer, while red meats are probably carcinogenic. They even categorized processed meats like hot dog, sausage and bacon in the same group with tobacco, asbestos and diesel fumes, which are proven carcinogenic agents.

Absinthe: You probably didn’t know this and that’s okay, because nobody did, but the hallucinogen part of the drink is made from a toxic chemical named thujone, which is not good at all. Besides having hallucinations, it could do a lot more damage.

Instant Noodles: In some situations, people still believe that Maggi and Ramen and other instant noodle brands are bad for health. While they’re being tested and retested constantly, the fear that they are not safe continues to haunt certain people.

Besides avoiding these foods, there isn’t a lot that you can do to keep yourself healthy. Everything you assume is okay to eat, might suddenly be proved wrong. It’s just a case of balancing out your diet and eating carefully, because anything else might be a little too difficult to do really.