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Step Out For Some Refreshing Sugarcane Juice, A Favourite In Chennai


Sugarcane juice is a delightful and sweet beverage that’s made by extracting juice from pressed sugarcane. It is a popular beverage in India, with many cities having a hand-cranked press by the streets so people can have a refreshing drink on the go. See how Mumbai loves their sugarcane juice here.

Although widely consumed in North India, sugarcane juice does have a home in the South too, giving everyone from children to grown ups, a warm feeling. Grown-ups in Chennai have a nostalgic feeling when it comes to sugarcane simply because this is what one would remember enjoying the most, walking the streets of the city. 


Besides being a great refresher, this deliciously (and naturally) sweet beverage is known to be very healthy and has several health benefits too. It is a good source of glucose, and is also very high in antioxidants that help fight infections and also maintain the health of the kidney. Adding sugarcane juice in your diet also keeps your skin well hydrated, and plus, it’s a great way to cool off on a hot day


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