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Stuff Yourself Silly With The Exceptional Cantonese Fare at Mr.Choy’s in Khan Market


Standing smug at a corner of Khan Market’s thriving lanes is Mr. Choy’s heavenly restaurant. Actually, heavenly is an understatement but for the loss of a better word, let’s call it mind-blowingly-super-freakin’-awesome.

The restaurant is a cozy space done up interestingly with huge cage lanterns and a vibrant theme.

Mr. Choy is named after Chef Choy who is a stalwart in Cantonese cooking; a fact that our satiated taste buds will happily vouch for.choy-kfRG--621x414@LiveMint


The Food. Oh! The Food!

The moment we seated ourselves, 6 tubes of evil looking sauces – all in the shades of crimson, red and maroon – smirked at us and showed us a glimpse of what a swanky spread awaited us.

The restaurant’s menu is a long list of Cantonese specialties, each one striving to be better than the rest. The dumpling selection at Mr. Choy’s is extensive and have been curated brilliantly from different woks of life.

Captivated by the mouthwatering smells wafting in from the kitchen, we got down to some serious eating without further ado. Chef Choy was kind enough to take out time from creating magic in his kitchen and suggested some of his finest creations, which turned out to be an endless list.DSC_0157


What We Had:

Berry Rocks

As the name suggests, Berry Rock is a berrylicious cooler loaded with strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, lime juice and hordes of crushed ice. Like we said, berrylicious.DSC_0183


Minty Chang

An interesting and refreshing take on the classic lemonade with Mandarin chunks, kaffir lime and sugar.DSC_0180


Green Beans & Celery Dim Sum

A vegetarian’s delight, the green beans & celery dim sum is a steaming hot dumpling filled with delicious Asian greens.DSC_0187


Veg Four Seasons Dim Sum

Stuffed with a generous amount of steamed vegetables, the Four season is a perfectly balanced and beautifully put together dim sum.DSC_0191


Shanghai Style Pan-Fried Veg Dim Sum

Delectable vegetarian dumplings pan-fried to perfection. The tantalizing golden brown roast of the dim sum was an appetizer in itself!DSC_0196


Hargow Prawn Dim Sum

Soft and tender steamed prawn wrapped with a delicious layer of four and salt, this dumpling apelled out perfection.DSC_0189


Xo Scallop & Prawn Dumpling

A seafood lover’s dream come true, this prawn and scallop dumpling regards the individual flavors of both the meats and at the same time combines them amazingly to create this beautiful seafood dumpling.DSC_0200


Shanghai Style Xiao Long Bao

This is perhaps the most perfect single bite of food ever conceived by man. A tantalizing, dreamy snack, this is probably the most famous dish to come out of Shanghai: paper-thin skin enveloping perfectly seasoned pork filling and rivers of hot, flavorful soup.


Cha SiuBao (Pork Bao)

The most interesting of the fancy lot, the Pork Bao is a dumpling that had a somewhat sticky exterior that was stuffed with mildly sweetened pork meat. Sweet pork got you right? But you have to try it to believe that sweet meats can have so many meaning!DSC_0194


Braised Beancurd in Sesame Sauce

Beancurd – or Tofu – marinated in a delicious sauce, sautéed and served with juicy fresh broccolis, baby corns and cherry tomatoes.DSC_0212


Non-Vegetarian Bento Box

Excuse us while we wipe our drool. The Non-vegetarian Bento Box is the grown up foodies equivalent of a Happy Meal. The long box is divided into three sections, each containing magic – thin succulent slices of honey glazed pork; tender pieces of steamed aromatic fish and crispy fried jumbo prawns, all sitting atop crunchy rice noodles.11230277_648798218553480_236891880_n


Chicken Noodles

Imagine the best chicken noodles in the world. Only better. Served in a mason jar, these noodles spell out perfection with the tender chicken shreds, fresh greens and regular appearances by crispy fried noodles.DSC_0219


Binge eater by day and binge watcher by night, Ankita is fluent in food, film, and Internet. When she’s not obsessing over the hottest trends, tacos, and the perfect author’s bio, you can find her under a pile of Jeffery Archer’s novels or looking for the nearest wine shop.