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This Device Will Test Food For Potential Allergens In Three Minutes


When eating out, food allergies can be the bane of your existence. Even after asking and asking and asking again whether a meal contains dairy or is gluten free, you can end up with a horrible allergic reaction.

Meet, Nima, a device that will chase all those problems away. Nima will test a small sample of the food you are eating and sense the presence of any gluten in the dish. Soon, the device will be able to test samples for peanuts and dairy.


A user simply has to load a small sample to a test pod in the device. In two minutes, the device will certify the absence or presence of allergens, allowing you to monitor exactly what you are eating.

Living a Gluten Free Life

Nima was created by inventors at 6SensorLabs, a company that is striving to create products that will allow you to detect and understand exactly what is in your food. 6SensorLabs, as one would expect, was founded by two gluten intolerant souls who are passionate about helping people eat healthier.

Nima is the first product that t6SensorLabs has created to allow people more confidence in their food. Specify what you are allergic to and put your name on Nima’s waitlist here.