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Visit OMR Food Street For A Taste of Limon


It’s a nice long drive from the city to OMR Food Street, but it’s a journey that is worth it. If you’ve never seen the ECR-OMR stretch of the city, now is as good a time as any to make that trip. Sure, the traffic is sometimes unbelievable, but the weather is great for a drive, especially in the evenings. And it’s even better because Limon, at OMR Food Street only opens at 5pm and during the Ramadan period, they are closed for a few minutes at 7pm while the staff perform their iftar prayers to break their fast of the day.


Opened in April of this year, Limon was started by Mohammed Ibrahim who comes from an advertising background. With experience in advertising, web designing and branding, Ibu decided that it was time to try something new. After a conversation with a friend in Mumbai, he decided that opening a restaurant and serving his favourite kind of food would be a great idea. “There aren’t a lot of kebab places in the OMR area either, so I thought it was time that we did that,” he told us and the staff who work in the kitchen are also from Mumbai.

When we asked him how he came up with the name, Ibu said that during a party with some friends one night, someone had brought over a bottle of Bacardi Limon. And as lemon and citrusy fruits are his favourites, he decided to use that as the name for his restaurant. The restaurant takes up a small space at OMR Food Street with an open kitchen and enough room for everyone to stand around while you eat. It’s not a cafe where you’re meant to spend hours, because kebabs are traditionally considered street food. So, it makes sense that you get the food in tiny paper plates and you stand right where you are and eat your meal.

What we ate


We had a portion of the Creamy Chicken Malai and a Chicken Kebab. As it is with street food world over, even Limon’s portions are perfect for one person. The creamy chicken was creamy and delicious, grilled really nicely and drowning in malai. While the kebab was served with a slightly spicy chutney that complimented the meat really well. Given that the restaurant is still new, their menu is also quite limited, but they do have plans to do more with their menu, add more and introduce more options.

As for expansion? Ibu said that he has no plans to expand any time soon. Given that this is a side project, he wants to learn the business and understand that part of the world properly before taking a bigger step and going further. If you’re ever in OMR, make sure you swing by Limon for a quick bite to eat.

Limon is at OMR Food Street, Opposite AKDR Golf Village, Thoraipakkam,Thuraipakkam, Chennai. They only open at 5pm, and can be reached at 044 30853676.