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Fast Food

Wear Your Love for McDonalds


Have you ever felt sorry for those poor shmucks you see walking around in hot dog suits, advertising the latest fast food item? Come May, wearing a McDonalds burger may be a fashion statement. No, Valentino has not started sending burger suits down the runway. Instead, McDonalds has teamed up with French fashion boutique, Colette and will release a capsule collection of clothes and accessories featuring popular McDonalds items in early May.

A capsule collection is a concept where a limited amount of items are released to ensure attention, and quick sales. So, if you’re fast you could end up owning a t-shirt with a graphic image of a Big Mac, or a phone case featuring a packet of fries.

The items will go on sale at Colette in Paris and online on May 4th until May 31st. Move quickly, and display your love for fast food to the world.