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10 Comfort Foods That You Need to Have If You just went through a Breakup.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and every time you switch on the TV or open your Facebook account, you’re greeted with poems of love or doe-eyed lovers who can’t seem to be getting enough of each other. Your stomach churns, you are hit with memories from the past and you want to curl up in bed and think, “Darn, this wretched day.”

But hey, it’s not all bad you know, a break-up is the perfect excuse to binge eat throughout the day (if you need an excuse). Eat to your heart’s content, and pig out guiltlessly on these 10 foods that will make you forget what you were even sad about.

Buckets of Nutella


Yes, yes, yes. Nutella is a solace during times such as this. Combine it with Oreos, or bread and you will be a believer in true love again.

Grilled Cheese


We have a motto here at HF, and it’s – “You can never go wrong with cheese and bread”. Add a bit of oregano and chillies and voila, you have found a way to heal your heart – through your stomach.

Hot Chocolate topped with Marshmallows


A cup of Hot Chocolate topped with Marshmallows till your cup can’t take any more is just what the doctor ordered for a broken heart.



Chicken or vegetables or pepperoni on a bed of sauce and bread topped with tons of cheese. Don’t lose yourself in the dream that is a pizza. Go order yourself one.

Tub of Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream


You don’t need to be sad to have chocolate, but it does help lighten the mood any time. Throw in some chocolate fudge and you have found the new love of your life.

Vodka Watermelon


It doesn’t take a genius to know that alcohol helps. And we know how much. But you don’t want to get too drunk so as to drunk dial. That’s never fun the next day, right? But this combination of vodka in an actual watermelon is perfect to just get you tipsy enough to have a big smile on your face and hope for the future.



Any variation of this, blueberry or Oreo or Nutella or the classic New York cheesecake will mend your heart faster than you can say – Cheesecake.

Potato Chips


Find yourself at Heartbreak Hotel listening to the Adele break up album – Don’t worry, we have potato chips for you. One bite of the crunchy delight and you will be dancing to Bruno Mars.

An entire Chocolate Cake


Hey, you have every right to go through an entire chocolate cake. It’s all yours and no one can say otherwise. You will be surprised at how much better you actually feel.

Whole Roasted Chicken


Whole chicken roasted with all sorts of delectable ingredients. One bite and you’re going to be wolfing down all of it. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

This is what works for us and this formula has worked wonders for us and our friends. But what works for you? What mends your broken heart? Let us know in the comments!