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Fast Food

9 mascots that you just want to eat


1. Mom-and-Pop Burger mascot

A burger is smiling back at me? Is that the green signal for me to start eating it?

burger mascot

2. Cookie mascot

I know there is a man underneath that cookie costume but it is so hard to stop drooling. I wish there was some milk.

cookie mascot

3. Pizza mascot 

‘Word is that there is a mascot of a slice of pizza running around town.’

‘Yeah, I know. Tasted good.’

pizza mascot

4. The Co-operative Food’s Sandwich and Banana mascot

Just chilling with my breakfast.

No banana jokes were made during this conversation.

sandwich and banana mascot

5. Deutsches Currywurst Museum’s mascot 

I wonder if the ‘Currywurst’ mascot is waving a ‘hello’ or warning people to not come onto it.

currywurst mascot

6. Little Caesar’s Fries mascot 

I’m not sure about Little Caesars food, but this ‘fries’ mascot has me looking around for ketchup to go with it.

fries mascot

7. Onion mascot 

I’m not a fan of vegetables but that’s one fine looking onion. And just like that I want onion soup.

onions mascot

8. Hershey’s and Reese’s Chocolate Bar mascots 

This picture will look good from any angle. That’s the awesomeness of chocolate.

hershey's choco bar mascot

9. Dunkin’ Doughnuts mascot 

Don’t let a policeman catch you or else he would-

doughnut mascot