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Britannia’s New “Cake Biscotti” Is A Tasty Combination of Cake & Cookie


The latest product to join the Britannia Industries Ltd family is the “Cake Biscotti”. This combines the aroma and taste of a cake with the light and soft crunch bite of a cookie and will be available in two variants.

According to Britannia, “the unique process of creating the product gives a feeling that it is handcrafted and the process of double-baking ensures that it has a crunchy bite and mellow flavour experience.” A biscotti is originally an Italian almond biscuit that are twice baked, oblong-shaped, dry, crunchy, and dipped in a hot drink.

At the launch, VP Strategy & Business Development, Manjunath Desai said, “Britannia is always looking to capitalise on its expertise in the baking business and its understanding of the taste and preferences of the Indian consumer to offer them truly new and exciting food experiences. Cake Biscotti aims to popularise an interesting bridge format by combining the delight of a cake with the crunch of a cookie. It sets the launch of a new category and will be backed by aggressive consumer sampling, digital marketing and in store promotions and visibility.”

The two varities are Fruit ‘n’ Nut (Rs. 25 for 70g) and Choconut (Rs. 28 for 70g) and will hit shelves this week and be available in all general retail stores across the country.