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Get Away From The Internet World With KFC’s New Escape Pod


After gifting a fan a Colonel Sander’s portrait, KFC is in news again for its latest venture. They’re trying to sell an Escape Pod, one where one can’t access the internet. Now you might wonder why one wouldn’t just turn off the Wi-Fi instead of buying the exclusive and the only $10,000 pod? But we can always ask that question to the person who ends up buying it.

The KFC Stress-Free Pod

“We’ve come up with several technologically advanced, creative experiences for our customers and fans this year,” said KFC‘s Director of Advertising, George Felix in a statement. “But even we feel the burden of technology during the holiday season. So we decided to go in the opposite direction and create an anti-technology product, using technology, to help one lucky buyer literally escape the holiday chaos.”

KFC’s escape pod is made up of a stainless steel mesh dome with Colonel Sanders “shielding” the tenants by lying on top of it and a chicken drumstick for the handle. The dome itself weighs 8 pounds and is made up of high-density architectural foam and enamel paint. The pod can “protect” four adults and their KFC bucket from the clutches of the World Wide Web.

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