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Gobble Gobble. Zomato acquires another company. In Turkey.


Zomato’s around the world on the acquisition wagon.

Shortly after they acquired Urbanspoon to grab American and Australian markets, Zomato has acquired the Turkish restaurant search engine, Mekanist. Mekanist boasts of 190,000 listed establishments and over 500,000 reviews from its 1.5 million strong signed-up user base. 

Zomato has been in Turkey since November 2013 with its team of 27. After the integration, Zomato will cover over 75,000 restaurants (from the current 27,500) in Turkey, serving over 3 million users a month.

The company did not disclose the terms of the acquisition. But at a $52 million for Urbanspoon last month, we’re pretty sure it’s a big pie. 

“Mekanist has established itself as one of the heavyweights in the online restaurant search and discovery space in Turkey. Mekanist is one of the first and most successful tech startups to emerge from the Turkish startup ecosystem,” Deepinder Goyal, founder and CEO of Zomato, said.

Zomato has raised more than $113 million, over multiple rounds of funding from Info Edge, Vy Capital and Sequoia Capital. And we love how they’re putting it to use. Talk about ‘global’ shopping festival.