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No, Michael Phelps Does Not Eat 12,000 Calories A Day, Calls It A “Fabricated Lie”


Being a 28-time Olympic medalist is no easy task, which is probably why the world easily bought the reports that swimmer Michael Phelps consumed a whopping 12,000 calories in a day! And we admit, we too fell for it. And we apologise for feeding you what Phelps has called a “fabricated lie”.

The athlete cleared the air about his alleged diet during a Facebook Live with Men’s Health. “There are so many stories that are written about that. One random paper picked it up over in London and made this fabricated lie,” he said. “12,000 (calories) is not real. It’s impossible. You can’t eat that much.”

That said, Phelps did admit to consuming a staggering 8,000 – 10,000 calories in a day when he was younger. “During my prime, I was probably really eating eight to ten [thousand calories per day]. But that was the most, and that was when I was in high school and still growing,” he added.

But then what did ‘the most decorated swimmer of all time’ really eat to add that Olympics’ 2016 Gold to his kitty? “Last year, going into the Games, I was eating just fish and chicken, trying to stay away from red meat, trying to get as lean as I could,” he revealed.

So there, Phelps no longer consumes more calories than Dwayne Johnson (unless it’s Halloween of course) and we’re sorry to have led you into believing otherwise.


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