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A Star Trek Inspired Genie That Will Cook For You


Remember the Star Trek replicator that synthesized molecules to form a pan-fried catfish? It’s inspired  a group of Israeli scientists and entrepreneurs, headed by Ayelet Carasso and Doron Marco, who have created The Genie, a device that creates a meal based solely on instructions issued from a mobile app

What is it?

The Genie, which is the same size as a coffee maker can be manipulated using an app; users simply issue directions from their phone, and the Genie will mix, match and make any meal in under 30 seconds. The device gets its ingredients from pods, which contain freeze dried foods that have a shelf life of two years. 


When Can I Get One? 

The device has already been patented, and its creators are now negotiating with sellers in Europe, Greece and the United States. Should these negotiations go well, the Genie will be available to the public for a few hundred dollars as early as next year. The pods required for making the meal will be priced at the same cost one would pay for a snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

How Will It Help? 

Carasso and Doron hope that the device will help combat food security problems and food wastage, as it prepares meals based on exact portions and ensures that no ingredients will be leftover or go to waste. On a smaller level, it will be a more practical option for cooking a meal with barely any effort and without having to clean up the mess later. 

Are you interested in owning the Genie? Watch the video below to help you decide.