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8 Athletes That Eat An Insane Amount Of Calories Each Day  


Athletes spend large amounts of each day doing insane workouts that the rest of us mortals probably wouldn’t be able to get through ten minutes of. Because of that, they eat a massive amount of food each day to replenish lost energy. The amount that these athletes eat will astound you.

John Naber


Naber is known for winning four gold medals and one silver in the Olympics. While he was training, he would eat a large dose of scrambled eggs doused with honey each morning, followed by a box of frosted flakes and a carton of milk. And that was just for breakfast!

Daily Calorie Count: Above 8000.

Michael Phelps

Phelps is also a swimmer, who has won 22 medals till date. His meal plan includes 3 fried egg sandwiches, a five egg omelette, a kilogram of pasta, an extra-large pepperoni pizza and three chocolate chip pancakes.

Daily Calorie Count: Almost 12,000.

Ryan Lochte


Swimmers seem to have the most infamous diets. Lochte, another Olympic swimmer enjoys his meals from McDonalds each day, with a breakfast of McMuffins, Hash Browns and fruit salad, a lunch of Chicken McNuggets, Double Cheese Burgers, a Big Mac and fries and a similar dinner.

Daily Calorie Count: 5,800.

Usain Bolt

The famous sprinter also survives on a McDonalds fuelled diet, scarfing McNuggets and fries for every meal, with apple pies as a snack.

Daily Calorie Count: 5,400.

David Carter


Even though he’s vegan, Carter manages to maintain his bulky frame by eating large portions of greens, rice, quinoa, nuts and beans every day. He spends two hours each day ‘eating hard’ according to GQ.

Daily Calorie Count: 10,000

JJ Watt

This football player for Houston Texans eats sweet potatoes and avocadoes daily to increase his bulk. He loves stuffed French toast and sweet potato pancake omelettes.

Daily Calorie Count: 9,000.

Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne ‘The Rock’Johnson loves his seafood diet, which he eats with piles of brown rice. He’s also famous for his ‘cheat days’ on which he eats 12 pancakes, 4 double dough pizzas and 21 brownies.

Daily Calorie Count: 5,000

Bonus: Watch competitive eater Matt Stonie try out Johnson’s cheat day diet.

Michael Arnstein

Arnstein is a marathon runner who calls himself the ‘Fruitarian’ as his diet consists mostly of raw fruits. Every ten days he buys 500 pounds of fruits.

Daily Calorie Count: 6000