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Savour North-Eastern Delicacies At A Food Pop-Up In Madh


Madh island is a calmer part of Mumbai with simplistic living and gorgeous beach. According to a visit experience published by Mid Day, there’s a pop-up called Aal’s Kitchen that serves North-Eastern food for not only the people around them but also people coming in from faraway areas of the city.

Aal’s Kitchen In Madh

“I first cooked professionally at the age of 17, when I was flat broke in Goa. A guy who runs a shack gave me the job in exchange for food and a place to stay,” said Lethorn, the host while talking to the reporters from Mid Day. “But I started cooking much earlier, because my father was in the hotels business, and I developed an interest in food at a really young age,” he added. The food he serves hails from North-East India and includes Pork with bamboo shoots and apples, bhut jolokia and green chilli chutneys, fish with bamboo shoots and mustard leaves and so on.

“I’ve noticed that people in Madh have started keeping their Fridays free for this, because it gives them something to do outside of going over to friends’ places or to the club in my complex, which is pretty much the only place around for dinner,” Lethorn tells the publication. He adds, “But I was surprised to find that more than half my guests today came from outside the island, like from Bandra for instance, and that tells me that the word is spreading.”

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