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31 Cocktails In Mumbai That Will Steal your Mind, Body and Spirit! 


There are bar crawls and there are bar crawls. Line your stomachs with food and join us for a journey through the ultimate cocktails in Mumbai. These cocktails are personally vouched for by yours truly. 

1) The Tequila Sunrise at Gansta’s

What’s in it? Head to Gangsta’s and find out. Here’s a hint: there’s tequila. Lots of it. 

2) Royal Ginfield at The Bombay Canteen 


Gin, amla juice and jaggery. It’s the perfect desi drink! 

3) Tamarind Whiskey Shake at The Bombay Canteen 


Don’t think tamarind and whiskey go together? We beg to differ. 

4) Oriental Passion at The Daily


That’s kaffir smoke you see coming out of the glass. Need we convince you more? 

5) Moscow Mule at Cheval 








Down a few jars of this and then dance the night away on one of Cheval’s bar tables. 

6) Brain Damage Shot At Hoppipola

Will it leave you permanently brain damaged? Well, we’ve tried it and we seem fine. Besides, in this cute test tube, how can you resist? 

7) Margherita at British Brewing Company 


Because classics are always the best. 

8) Bloody Mary at British Brewing Company


When you’re at the British Brewing Company, you have to order a Bloody Mary, if only so that you can say ‘bloody’ in a British accent. 

9) Smoking Cosmopolitan at Joss


Here’s a spin off a classic. If the gorgeous smoke wasn’t enough, it’s also served in this fun smoking pipe! 

10) The Blue Pill or Red at Colaba Social








Considering its name and the fact that its served in a syringe, this drink may make you think of hospitals. But give it a try before you judge.

11) Electric Longest Long Island Iced Tea At Colaba Social

It’s a Long Island Iced Tea with a blue curacao twist!

12) Dark and Stormy at The Bombay Canteen

What better way to ride out the monsoon than with this old monk and ginger honey syrup concoction? 

13) Chai la Lai at Yauatcha








This is an Oriental cocktail with oolong tea – where have you ever had that before? 

14) Red Nemo at Yauatcha 








Doesn’t this look awfully pretty? Who cares what’s in it! 

15) Coco Chanel at He Said She Said 


Chocolate met rum and created this sweet, sinful cocktail! 

16) Burnt Curry Leaf Martini at Masala Library


Masala Library is known for taking its customers on a gastronomical journey through tradition – even its cocktails have that traditional touch! 

17) Pani puri Caipriojka at Bombay Bronx








Mumbai’s favourite street snack with an alcoholic infusion. 

18) Boilermaker Cocktail at The Good Wife


Now who said beer can’t go into a cocktail?

19) Dairy Milk Martini at Sante 


Dairy milk in a martini? The child in us is thrilled!

20) Lemongrass Martini at Shiro 


A quirky lemongrass martini is the perfect accompaniment to Shiro’s dim sum festival. Read our feature on it here

21) Jello Shots at Tonic








Are jello shots cocktails? Well, they’re a blend of jello and vodka and… and who cares – they’re pretty!

22) Saat Raasta at Monkey Bar

It’s a heady combination of jagermeister, absinthe, vodka, rum, gin – pause for a breath – tequila, beer, triple sec, ginger juice and coriander. Can you handle it all? 

23) Shzia Imli at Monkey Bar


The cheekily name shazia imli is a sweet cocktail with a dash of spice. 

24) Monkey Masala Soda at Monkey Bar


Yes, we’re a little obsessed with Monkey Bar’s drinks (read our feature here), but they are oh so awesome! This tastes like nimbu pani all grown up. 

25) Crème Brulee Martini at Radio Bar


The martini becomes even sweeter with this special blend!

27) Kaffir Lime Mojito at Cheval

This may just make you believe you’re riding an actual horse! 

28) Twinkle From the North at The Good Wife 


Don’t cry that the mango season is over – simply order a glass of this mango, citrus vodka and crème banana concoction and your eyes will be twinkling again! 

29) Japanese pear and Ginger Martini at Terrtulia


Martinis are our favourite, as you may have guessed. 

30) Kiwi Martini at Terrutilia 








Yes, yet another martini, but this one is kiwi! 

31) Boom Bloom at Sante


Vodka, hibiscus tea, raspberries and rose water make for a blooming combination!

We understand there’s no way you’ll be able to get through all of these in one night. But, if you can manage them in one month we salute you! Dare you to try!

Note: Photographs were gathered from our own experiences, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and our beloved Zomato-ers.